Stress Reduction Guidance and Implementation Plan

Stress reduction is not only crucial to your health but it is also a significant factor in your overall life success and happiness.You can learn how to manage stress with lifestyle changes and techniques for stress reduction.

It is possible to live from a place of balance, calm and choice rather than from a place of reaction and fight or flight mode.

Jennifer will work with you to evaluate what stress means to you. This is significant because often in today's fast pace age, many people view themself as unsuccessful if they are not in a constant state of stress. Stress does not equal success!

Jennifer will also work with you to assess what your current level of stress is and where you would like to be with your stress level. Together you will then develop a stress reduction implementation plan. This plan will be customized to fit your unique circumstances and life.

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This program is a 6 week minimum commitment.
The investment of this program is $995

Stress Reduction Tools

Some power stress reduction tools that Jennifer will guide you on include :