Coaching with Jennifer will move you exponentially forward toward your goals and will create sustained success. You will break through your barriers, develop greater self-awareness and reach an increased level of performance in your life. Coaching will give you a scheduled time to think, learn and grow with a professional who is partnering with you for your success. By taking dedicated time to “get out of your head” and work on yourself in a streamlined and focused manner is powerful gift you can give yourself. Coaching will create accountability for your actions so that you put your thoughts and words into concrete and measurable action. In addition, you will learn proven techniques and strategies on how to sustain a level of high performance and accomplish more than you ever thought was possible while simultaneously feeling less stressed. Isn’t that the dream?


Jennifer brings a joyful and energetic approach to her coaching. She creates a warm space to explore while simultaneously asking the direct and powerful questions to create learning and growth. Jennifer also brings her unique expertise in both high performance training and stress management to her coaching practice. Jennifer knows that every client is so unique and therefore provides a customized approach to everyone she works with. Jennifer’s passion for thought leadership and personal development is at the forefront of her life and a lifestyle by which she lives by. She cannot wait to share her passion with you!


University of Miami Professional Coaching Program
High Performance Institute’s Certified High Performance Coach Program
The International Fibromyalgia Coaching Institute’s Certified Coach
Member of the International Coaching Federation
JD., LL.M. in Taxation, CPA
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  • How are coaching sessions done?

    Coaching sessions and trainings are usually done over the phone or through Zoom. The reason for this is that it is simply more convenient for the client and is more time efficient. Jennifer is available in person should a client prefer this.

  • How long is a typical coaching session?

    Sessions are typically around 45 minutes and occur either weekly or bi-weekly depending on the client.  Jennifer requires a commitment of at least 3 months to her high performance program and recommends 6 months.  The reason for this is that profound change is not created overnight but takes time. To see results you need to make that investment in yourself.

  • Is group or team coaching available?

    Jennifer does work with teams and groups.  Contact Jennifer for more information.

  • What should I expect in a typical coaching session?

    Overall every coaching session is completely different as new topics come up and as you will begin to make shifts in your life from session to session.  The beauty of coaching is that it is incredibly dynamic. You will be asked some tough questions but will be given a safe space to think and grow.

  • What is the best way to prepare for a coaching session?

    Jennifer requires that you are in a quiet space with no distractions.  This is crucial so that you can create that space for yourself to be open and so that you have privacy to speak about tough topics. Jennifer recommends that before each coaching session you take a few minutes to prepare yourself by doing some gentle breathing or a short meditation.


  • I recently have had the pleasure of working with Jenny as my executive coach, focusing mainly on improving my interpersonal aspects of mindfulness thinking, as well as developing and implementing best interpersonal business practices into my company. In that time, I have seen vast improvements in both my mental capacities and communications skills, ultimately increasing my quality of life and becoming a more complete leader. Jenny’s coaching and mindfulness guidance have proven results, and I highly recommend her services for your organization or firm.
    Scott Tinkler
    President and CEO of Aventura Worldwide Transportation Service
  • Coaching with Jenny has been a very positive experience for me. She keeps me honest with myself which I love. She also guides me through different ways of thinking to help me gain a better perspective. This is beneficial at this stage of my life as I try to navigate through a big personal decision.
    Judy Rodriguez
    Senior Business Partner at Royal Caribbean International