One on One Coaching to Unlock your Highest Potential

Coaching is a powerful experience that will PROPEL you forward toward achieving your goals. Has there been that one goal that you have attempted many times yet haven’t been able to break through? Coaching is a different approach that will make that difference for you.

The Coach

Jennifer offers one on one coaching and partners with you in doing the profound exploration for your personal and professional goals. As an ICF accredited coach, Jennifer knows how to create the space you need to do the powerful self -work. Jennifer takes an easy going approach yet is direct in asking the powerful questions to help you move forward and create that
profound shift in your life. Jennifer believes that at the heart of any personal or professional development, is YOU sitting in the driver seat, doing that hard work and answering those important questions.  Jennifer’s job as your coach is to be your partner and to make sure you are driving forward and not getting side tracked by any detours.  As your coach, Jennifer will also be a soundboard to your words and will hold you accountable for action that you commit to.

Purchase Course

Jennifer requires a minimum of a 12 week commitment as personal development requires an ALL IN dedication to create results!

This is a 3 month program.