Meet Jennifer

“It is possible to have it all….Success, happiness and inner peace can co-exist”

Jennifer Ozner is coach, entrepreneur and speaker with a love for personal development. Jennifer has realized from a young age that you have the constant ability to change and morph yourself into whoever you want to be. She has created several brands that all focus on high performance, health and well-being, and personal and professional growth.

Behind her coaching lies the grand idea of change. You get to decide at every moment in time, who you want to be and that is a gift. Jennifer has embraced this concept since an early age long before her career took her in this direction.

Jennifer believes that nothing should stop you from being your best self. Jennifer who has had her life roadblocks including living with fibromyalgia has used each one as a stepping-stone for growth. Everyone has struggles it just matters how you choose to view them.

Prior to coaching, Jennifer practiced law for many years which taught her just how important stress management is as well as how powerful coaching can in personal development which is crucial in a demanding career and key to making important life changes.

In addition to Jennifer’s expertise in High Performance Coaching, Jennifer also specializes in Fibromyalgia coaching.

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