Jennifer’s Story and Message

It is an honor to share my story and message with you.

As a young adult I thought I had it all. After my teenage years during which I struggled with confidence and lived from a mindset of fear, I worked extremely hard to become the person that I always wanted to be. I became extremely educated, fit, confident, adventurous with a great career. I was finally truly happy and so proud of myself for the achievements I had made.

Then everything became very fuzzy one day. I started to feel extremely drained and constantly sick, which I later discovered was a result of a condition called fibromyalgia. I realized that a lot my educational and career goals where not truly my goals. I became extremely confused about my purpose and place in the world. I questioned everything including my marriage at the time, which had begun to unravel and eventually ended. And finally, I crashed into a deep state of confusion and despair.

I always viewed myself as a “type A”, overachiever that did not have time to take a breath. In fact I think I probably bragged about that a few times. But the fact is I had hit a complete wall and realized that it was time for me to do a lot of self-evaluation and personal development work.

Once again just as in my early years, I decided it was time to make some big changes so I can be my best self. I decided I was going to be “all in” and through hard work and dedication, again I made significant changes. I started in depth work on healing my heart and body through a great deal of lifestyle changes such as incorporating yoga, meditation, and various stress reduction techniques into my life. I also started working with a professional coach to help me improve in important areas of my life such as finding love, making a career shift, and finding inner peace. It was life changing.

I decided it is possible to keep all the good habits from my past that I had worked so hard for and continue to build to new habits and personality traits that I was lacking in. I decided to learn in the areas that were out of my comfort zone such as developing my intuition, having always relied on my logical side. I learned an important lesson that you must make changes from a place of authenticity to yourself. For example, I had to acknowledge an obstacle that I do have fibromyalgia. Although I certainly was not going to attach myself to that circumstance, I continued to approach my personal development from a place of mindfulness and self- love. I realized that obstacles never prevent you from performing at your highest level.

My message is that your best self will change throughout your life as you inevitably change and your life circumstances change. Life’s gift is that we have the ability to constantly make a choice to live from our best self! I choose to be a high performer! I choose to work hard to feel my best! I also choose to live from a place of purpose, love and joy! Sometimes I forget I have made these choices and I simply have to do the work and remind myself again of how I want to live. It really is that simple! So don’t waste your life playing small or not achieving the success in the areas of life that are important to you. There are no limitations such as personality, age, or circumstance when it comes to performing at your highest level and being your best self.

Why is living from the place of being my best self important to me? I feel we are able to make our greatest contribution to the world and feel the most joy doing so when we are in this place.

Make that choice today to be the best you!!
With passion!