Do you find yourself thinking or saying these things?

  • My energy level is not where it needs to be in order for me to be successful in my career.
  • I am so stressed out from my job and I know it is affecting my health. I need to reduce my stress but I am not sure how.
  • I have trouble making time to do things that will help me feel healthier. I need to find some balance in my life.
  • I am incredibly worried about being a mother and wife living with fibromyalgia who also has a career. I want to feel healthy for my children and family.
  • I need to figure out how to give my over-achiever mentality scheduled rest and recover time.  What I have been doing is not working anymore.
  • I need to get my fibromyalgia flare ups under control.  It is so hard to function at a high level and be sharp and productive when a flare up hits me.
  • Can being a high-performer in life co-exist with fibromyalgia?
  • I need to get real and listen to what my body is telling me so I can move forward and feel better.

Fibromyalgia does not have to stand in the way of you being your best self and achieving everything you want in life!


As a Fibromyalgia Coach I create a supportive environment focused entirely on you! I work one on one with you to be successful in your personal and professional life while living with fibromyalgia. I will help you move forward toward increasing your energy, reducing your pain, and living the life you want to live!


We will work to create lifestyle adjustments so that you can accomplish what is important to you! We will also discover which approaches and treatment options will work best for you. We will work to reduce your pain, fog, and fatigue, while increasing your energy and sleep.

Most coaches and providers don’t understand what it is like to live with fibromyalgia everyday. I do! I have also been a career woman and consider myself a high performer in life with a lot of goals that I am constantly working toward. That being said, my coaching style is always pro-active and goal oriented but with lots of support and most importantly from a mindset of joy!

There is no one treatment or magic bullet for fibromyalgia. It is all about making gradual, lifelong changes that will enable you to have sustained results. Today could be the beginning of an incredible, life-altering journey for you. How exciting is that? I would love to stand beside you on your journey.

My Story

Work with a certified coach, who specialized in both Fibromyalgia and High Performance.

Jennifer's Story and Message

Are you looking for someone who understands living with fibro and who can help make the changes needed to feel great and be successful in your life? I can help.