The words “fibromyalgia” and high performer” are not an oxymoron! It is possible to be living with fibromyalgia and be a high performer.

Often when I tell people that I am both a high performance and fibromyalgia coach they look at me like I have multiple heads.  I love this bewildering response because it is an opportunity for me to educate people that it is possible to have both identities.  I can tell you this from personal experience because I am proud to say I am a woman living fibromyalgia and I am a high performer. This is possible because I choose for it to be possible.  Making the choice to be a high performer is actually one of the main reasons I am now living with very few fibro flares and have extremely manageable symptoms.

What is a High Performer?

So the first question you may be wondering is exactly what does it mean to be a high performer? A high performer is someone who is able to achieve above standard norms over a sustained period of time.  This is achieved through discipline and making the choice every day to be your best self. Most people that are deemed “high performers” have had tremendous set backs, struggles, and huge hurdles to overcome which gave them the drive to be stronger and better! It is so easy in life to be a victim or settle for the dice that got rolled for us.  But when we get out of that victim mentality and choose to preserver whatever the circumstances are, we are more hopeful, and give space to allow for change. Without this space for change, we will simply stay stuck and possibly even make our circumstance worse.

“..there are plenty of ways to generate energy without expending our energy. Think of yourself like a power plant.

How can you be a high performer with fibromyalgia.  Fibromyalgia is so different from person to person and I am not discounting that fact at all.  But choosing to embrace certain high performance habits can be implemented regardless of where you are in your life at this moment.  To become a high performer, you must seek clarity, generate energy, raise necessity, increase productivity, develop influence, and demonstrate courage.  The more one area increases the others increase as well. Imagine the habits as wheels on a car. Once you get one wheel rolling the car will start gaining more and more momentum.  That is essentially how this all works. So lets discuss a few examples of how you can implement high performance habits into your life while living with fibromyalgia.

The thought of generating energy when you have fibromyalgia can perhaps make you think this is just crazy talk right now.  But there are plenty of ways to generate energy without expending our energy. Think of yourself like a power plant. That power plant needs to generate its energy.  Generating energy can be done in many ways besides doing something that requires physical activity. For example, visualization techniques can be done to boost your energy.  Gently close your eyes and imagine yourself walking at a brisk pace. Now pick up that pace in your mind and start jogging. Feel the sweat in your mind begin to run down your face as you pick up your pace to a sprint.  Now imagine racing across the finish line and the joy you feel from this incredible run. This simple exercise is a power tool to boost your energy level and you can do it from bed! What would increasing your energy level by even 5% more in your day, by spending a little time to do simple exercises, do for you?

Let’s talk about courage!  Anyone who is living with fibromyalgia has faced a tremendous level of courage.  Courage is something we have had to develop and that we work on every single day having fibromyalgia.  We have courage every time we discuss having fibromyalgia with someone who does not understand or believe it in.  We have courage every day when we wake up not always knowing what type of day it will be for us. We have courage every time we check the weather and see that a storm may be passing through.  The question is what can we do to possibly boost our level of courage even a bit more. Remember that an increase in one wheel increases the car’s momentum. Maybe having a little more courage is working with a coach.  Perhaps having more courage is stating more directly to your doctor your concerns and needs so that you get the treatment you desire. And possibly having more courage is simply saying NO to something that is hard to say no to.  What is one thing you can do to be more courageous right now?

My personal experience working on my high performance habits has significantly helped me also feel my best living with fibromyalgia.  For example, I have never been the most organized person and dedicating myself to being more productive also meant for me learning to be more organized.  This organization has allowed me to feel more at ease, have less stress, and be more prepared for my work and doctors appointments. If I am having a fibro fog day, being more organized is key and allows me to still be productive! To me learning organization skills was crucial to my health.  

It is all about making a commitment to yourself to be your best and hence also feel your best.  It is okay to take baby steps as long as you are mentally “ALL IN” to this commitment you are making to yourself.  I would love to be a part of your journey and help you incorporate high performance habits so you can get your wheels moving to a healthier and best version of you!